Program Structure

Executive Learning Format

Using an executive learning format, students earn their degree while maintaining their full-time employment by attending two years of monthly weekend classes and one week of required on-campus study each of the two summers. Textbooks, instructional materials, and meals during weekend and summer sessions are included in the cost of tuition.

Cohort Model

The M.S.Ed. degree for the Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling requires 20 course units (60 credits). Our cohort model program allows students to work closely with their peers through a sequentially structured curriculum of courses and field training. The instructional methods include an inquiry-based approach, engaged scholarship, and problem solving within context. Supervised field experiences are integral to the program.

Field Placements

A two-semester field placement during each year in the program provides the opportunity for students to learn and practice counseling skills in a professional and supportive environment. Students are matched with placements from our online site placement database of high-quality training sites, including mental health centers, schools, hospitals, and colleges. Students receive supervision both on-site and in a small seminar group format.

  • In Year I, the Practicum placement requires a total of 100 hours in the field, usually a site commitment of 5 hours weekly.
  • In Year II, the Internship placement will require 600 hours in the field, based on the student's choice of program emphasis. This commitment is approximately 20 hours per week over the course of the year.
  • Students who are currently teachers or work in a mental health-related site and wish to use their place of employment for the field training must secure approval both from their employers and the counseling program placement coordinator.

Full-Time Enrollment

All students are enrolled in the program full-time and attend two years of monthly weekend classes, and one week of intense study each of the two summers, beginning in the summer, and complete it in two years. 

Please note that the program does not offer a part-time option. 

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